Panasonic joins 3D Blu-ray club

Panasonic - adding a third dimension
Panasonic - adding a third dimension

Panasonic is the latest AV heavyweight to throw its might behind 3D Blu-ray content with the creation of the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory Advanced Authoring Center (PHL-AC), which will begin operations from February 1.

Located within the existing Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) in Universal City, California, the new facility has been developed to accelerate and establish the 3D Full HD Blu-ray format, and work directly with Hollywood studios to provide 3D development services for Blu-ray titles.

PHL-AC will feature a Plasma Full HD home theatre system, a 3D-ready digital cinema projector (Theatrical Dolby 3D system) with a 380in screen for picture evaluation and a 3D-ready MPEG-4 AVC High Profile encoder.


"Panasonic recognizes that for 3D Full HD to succeed, just like Blu-ray, collaboration on research, development and production with studios and content providers is absolutely essential" said Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, managing director of Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory.

'Panasonic is working assiduously, with the cooperation of the Hollywood studios, to promote the 3D Full HD system through standardization activities of the 3D format from the Blu-ray Disc Association.

"The creation of the new PHL Authoring Center will enable Hollywood to start trial production and ultimately create commercially available 3D Full HD titles to realise a new window into reality, and elevate the level of high definition entertainment that consumers can enjoy in their own homes.

"We expect 3D Full HD to become a reality by 2010."

From Home Cinema Choice at CES 2009