Orange will not buy Project Kangaroo tech

Kangaroo doesn't translate for French giants

The technology that was developed for Project Kanagaroo will not be bought by Orange, the company has confirmed.

Project Kangaroo was a joint project between the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to create a worldwide video on demand service for their programmes.

However, the doubts of the Competition Commission put paid to the plans, despite months of development.

Due diligence

Orange did take a look at buying up the technology developed by the partners, but the French-owned telecommunications company has confirmed that it will not be pursuing the project.

Orange has decided against acquiring some of the technology that was developed for Project Kangaroo, the ill-fated commercial video-on-demand venture.

"After in-depth due diligence, we concluded that it was unlikely that an outcome which benefited France Telecom's Orange operations would be met," said Orange's statement.