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Now you and two friends can watch Sling TV for $20 per month

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One of the most annoying features on Sling TV is no longer an issue.

The live TV streaming service has announced that it will begin offering a $20-per-month package called "Best of Live TV multi-stream" that allows you and up to two others to watch content simultaneously on one account.

The tradeoff here is that these new multi-stream users won't have the same selection of channels as those who subscribe to the standard "Best of Live TV" package which include the ESPN, ABC and Disney channels.

So, what does $20 per month (roughly $6.66 per person if you split it three ways) get you?

A vast majority of the Fox lineup including Fox Sports, FX and the YES Network, as well as Sling's other channels like A&E, CNN, AMC, HGTV, Cooking Channel and Adult Swim, among others.

But before you run off and cancel your cable package, however, you should plug your address into the What's Available Where I Live (opens in new tab) section of Sling's website as some of these channels aren't available in every city.

The multi-user service starts today in beta form and is available to try, both for new and existing customers, for free for the first seven days.

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