Network Ten gets officially chatty with fans on zeebox

Zeebox and Network Ten
Where talking during a show is encouraged...

Mobile gadgets have slowly brought around a change in how we watch and interact with TV and our "second screens".

Remember when you'd watch an episode of Seinfeld, then meet up with friends the next day and try to remember the opening jokes? Or more recently, watch Game of Thrones, then rush on to Twitter to rage about the horrible Red Wedding?

Well, those days are coming to an end.

Australia's Network Ten is launching an official second-screen TV Room chatroom, powered through zeebox and aimed at getting fans to interact during a show or sporting event.

What's in zeebox?

British-owned zeebox has been around in Australia since late last year, brought Down Under through a joint venture between Foxtel and Network Ten.

It basically works as a second-screen social networking/social television platform that people can use on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices, or simply through a web browser while watching a television show. It provides chatrooms and extra information, like photos and videos, posted by fans or chatroom "hosts".

But with the launch of Network Ten's network-sponsored TV Room, things get a little more interesting.

According to the announcement, fans will be able to "Ask the Ref" during the live broadcast of The British & Irish Lions test match on June 29 in The Official Ten Wallabies vs. Lions Room. On July 3, Offspring fans will be able to chat live with the behind the scenes team for the show in The Official Offspring Room.

Presumably, Network Ten will be providing other interactive chatroom events for fans in the future.

The social TV

Television networks and other media outlets have provided similar "live" events previously through other social networks or on their own websites, but zeebox gives Network Ten an established interactive platform.

"The concept of connecting audiences through their shared interests, enabling them to talk in real time about their favourite shows, really starts to deliver on the promise of social TV," said Network Ten's Chief Digital Officer, Rebekah Horne .

Currently, zeebox features more than 2,000 TV Rooms and 25 themed TV Rooms.