Netflix regrets partnering with Optus and iiNet for unmetered downloads

Forget about more unmetered Netflix deals

Netflix isn't even a month old here in Australia, but that doesn't mean the streaming giant doesn't feel a slight sting of remorse over how it came to market here.

As part of its quarterly earnings statement, Netflix drew attention to its fight for net neutrality in the US, and highlighted its deals with iiNet and Optus in Australia, stating that they "should have avoided that and will avoid it going forward".

So in other words, if you're hoping for unmetered Netflix on any other ISP in Australia, don't hold your breath.

Boosting the data

Of course, in the few weeks since Netflix launched, we've already seen ISPs like Telstra automatically boost data allowances in order to cope with the increased demand streaming video in HD demands.

"Data caps inhibit Internet innovation and are bad for consumers. In Australia, we recently sought to protect our new members from data caps by participating in ISP programs that, while common in Australia, effectively condone discrimination among video services (some capped, some not).

"We should have avoided that and will avoid it going forward. Fortunately, most fixed-line ISPs are raising or eliminating data caps in line with our belief that ISPs should provide great video for all services in a market and let consumers do the choosing," the statement said.

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