Loewe announces Individual Compose 3D TV range

Regardless of this image, we wouldn't recommend chucking water on your shiny new TV

German TV manufacturer Loewe has announced its debut 3D TV range, adding another dimension to its Individual Compose TVs.

Being that Loewe is a premium TV manufacturer, the company isn't fussing around with throwaway passive glasses but embracing active shutter 3D technology.

To make sure that you don't have to have an external IR sensor mucking up your Loewe setup, the company has managed to integrate the infrared technology used to sync the glasses to the TV into the Loewe eye, which is key to the TV's design.

Recording functionality

Alongside 3D capabilities, the Individual Compose range has an integrated 500GB hard-disk recorder, which can also stream 3D content to other Loewe TVs you may have in your abode.

As for the quality of the panels – they are LED backlit delivering 400Hz picture quality designs.

The Loewe Individual Compose 3D TV range comes in 40, 46 and 55 inches and has a starting price of (deep breath) £4100.

Yes, it's pricey but you do get a choice of High Gloss White, Aluminium Black and Aluminium Silver.