LG to develop 60-inch transparent flexible OLED displays

LG's current OLED TVs aren't all that bendy

LG Display has been picked by the Korean government to spearhead a project to develop huge, flexible OLED displays.

As part of the government's "Future Flagship Program" to promote next-gen technologies, LG is gearing up to develop its own tech for massive 60-inch transparent, flexible OLED screens by 2017.

Seen as the display tech of the future, flexible OLED prototypes have so far only been a few inches in size. Even these small screens, suitable for smartphones, have seen huge orders submitted to LG's rival company Samsung, which is beginning production later this year.

LG isn't alone in its quest for big, bendy screens, as it will be leading a consortium including display production equipment manufacturer Avaco.

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The transparent nature of these new displays means that the consortium will be looking to find various uses for them outside the world of TVs. Information overlays for bus stations, aquariums and shops are also being investigated.

Korea's Ministry of Knowledge Economy is in charge of the program, with the aim of producing exports worth US$56 billion and the creation of 840,000 jobs in the research and development of these futuristic OLED displays.

LG Display also says that the project is hoping to keep Korea ahead of China in the display market.

From The Korea Herald