LG reveals new, extra-comfortable designer 3D glasses

Next year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just around the corner, with 3D TV manufacturer LG revealing this week that it intends to launch a new range of designer 3D specs.

LG's new 3D specs will ship with its new LG 3D TV range, of which we expect to see and hear a lot more about in Vegas next month.

LG designer 3d specs

LG designer 3d specs

LG wants to make 3D TV a more stylish viewing experience, particularly for those fashionistas that might not like the nerd-core look of the current 3D specs design, by hiring designer Alain Mikli to help create its new range of 3D glasses.

Mikli, for those that don't know, is a 'world-renowned French eyewear designer' with exclusive boutiques in New York, Paris and Milan.

He has crafted the ergonomically designed 3D specs for LG from select metals and claims that the glasses have an optimum weight ratio which will make them far more comfortable to wear throughout lengthy 3D Blu-ray sessions at home next year.

The glasses-designer has also fitted a nose pad on the front, so that the glasses sit more comfortably on the old beak, along with extra long tips so that they fit around the viewer's head more easily.

Expect to hear a lot more from LG on its latest 3D TV range from CES 2011 in Las Vegas in early January.

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Adam Hartley