LG insists it will launch 3D TVs in 2009

Coming at ya! No, really...
Coming at ya! No, really...

LG will release 3D televisions in one or two markets in 2009 according to the company's television vice-president Choon Lee.

Choon Lee told T3 Online that television shopping may well be the first channels to broadcast the special pictures to allow people to better view their wares, adding that producing 3D animations was already fairly easy.

"3D TVs are the next big step for us," said Choon Lee, Vice President Director at the Digital TV Research Lab.

"We will try with one or two markets in 2009," he said, without specifying which ones.

Shopping and toons

"The start may come from home shopping channels. It's easier to introduce and show off the products in 3D.

"It's relatively easy to make content for animation. So comics and shopping will be first. Then it will migrate into soaps and other areas.

"Over the next few years we will see lots more 3D," he concluded.

It remains to be seen what the consumer's reaction to 3D television in the home is, with some analysts suggesting that the pictures are more gimmick than practicality.

However, with the technology still wowing crowds wherever it appears, it certainly does not lack impact, and LG obviously believe that it can make the jump into our living rooms.

Patrick Goss

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