In pictures: World's first Ice Cream Sandwich TV

In pictures World s first Ice Cream Sandwich TV

LG may be bringing an integrated television with Google TV to the world but Lenovo has decided to port the company's Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich to a 55-inch TV.

The results - which were shown off at CES 2012 - are interesting to say the least, if a little bizarre. While ICS works fantastically well on handheld devices, there's nothing about the OS that shouts out 'put me on the big screen' but this is exactly what Lenovo showed off at CES Unveiled, the precursor to this year's CES 2012.

The television itself is nothing of note but seeing Android 4.0 on the big screen was intriguing.

We were shown a demo of the operating system and it is clear that Lenovo has added its own skin to Android 4.0 but the OS is still there for all to see.

Lenovo google tv

In a way it looked a lot like a smart TV homepage, but the apps weren't confined to a section as they are on smart TVs from the likes of LG, Samsung and Sony.

Lenovo google tv

Instead they were put on separate screens and all controlled by two separate remotes. There was one for normal remote control functionality and one which was also a games controller – that's right, with the OS powered up you had access to Android-flavoured games on the big screen.

Lenovo google tv

We spoke to someone at Lenovo about the TV and it seems that this is no experiment. Lenovo will be launching its 55-inch Ice Cream Sandwich television for the Chinese market this spring but there are no plans as of yet for it to come to the UK.

Lenovo google tv

This is a shame as the TV looks like it could be a lot of fun. Apple, it's over to you.