Humax: Freeview HD receiver sales 'have been disappointing'

Humax talks Freeview HD sales
Humax talks Freeview HD sales

Humax revealed the UK release date of its TV Portal this week and also explained its thoughts on the Freeview HD market as whole.

Humax is at the forefront of Freeview HD in the UK. It was the first company in the country to release a Freeview HD PVR and it seems that the HDR-Fox T2, rather than its receiver range, is the more popular with households.

"This year has been quite a good year for us," said Humax's Graham North.

"It has been a challenging year, though, capturing the market and retaining the same sort of sales as last year.

Impressive take-up

"Freeview [HD] started at the beginning of this year and in zapper [receiver] terms it has been disappointing. Price of the product has been a little high.

"The launch of our Freeview HD PVR has been great. The take up of this has been impressive."

As for 2011 and the end of 2010, North is predicting a significant rise in sales, stating: "The retail sales start to do their seasonal spike right now which is good news.

"I believe that as we go into next year, we have twice as many homes going digital (10 million) so it will be a good year for Humax."

The Humax TV Portal will be coming to Humax's Freeview HD range in January 2011.

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