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Bittersweet results for Amstrad's Sugar

The Amstrad E3 phone provides email, internet and SMS services. It's a popular item for Amstrad

Could Sir Alan Sugar be hearing his own catchphrase soon? His company Amstrad revealed yesterday it's not making quite as much money as it used to.

Amstrad did make a pre-tax profit of £10.5m in 2006, but that's down from the £12.5m it made in 2005. Even so, we doubt Sir Alan, star of BBC show The Apprentice , will be firing himself just yet.

All remaining stock of the company's Emailer hardware has been sold to retailers, with that part of the business bringing in £6.4m.

As for the future, Amstrad is making moves into the HDTV set top box and personal video recorder (PVR) markets.

"We started delivering HDTV boxes at the end of the last financial year, and deliveries of an HDTV PVR box are due to commence later this year. We are in the final stages of developing a new PVR box which should leave us well placed for the future," said Sir Alan in a company statement.

Who knows, Amstrad might be hiring soon.