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Gorilla's TV upgraded to Sky+ HD

A very lucky gorilla at Longleat Safari Park has had an upgrade to Sky+ HD so that he can kick back and enjoy the National Geographic channel while tucking into bananas.

47-year-old Silverback Western Lowland Gorilla Nico has been given an early Christmas present by having a high definition television and satellite dish installed into his enclosure.

Nico apparently became something of a television addict after a six-month UK quarantine period spent indoors.

Environental enrichment tool

''I realise that it's a bit keeping up with the Jones', but television has proved a great environmental enrichment tool for Nico over the years," said Mark Tye, Nico's Head Keeper.

''Nico came to Longleat from Switzerland over 20 years ago and, following UK quarantine regulations, was kept indoors for six months.

''Television was used during this time as it was felt that the moving images and sound would provide vital stimulus.

Couch potato

"Nico seemed to enjoy it so much, however, that we've just been upgrading his televisual experience ever since. Nico can now sit back enjoy the greater picture detail of HD and the surround sound experience.

''We do have to regulate his viewing hours however, as without this he'd become your archetypal couch potato and wouldn't move from the television's side.''

It's not clear what Nico's favourite channels are, but feel free to contribute your suggestions.