First look at Virgin Media powered by TiVo

Search is a key part of the TiVo and Virgin Media experience, enabling you to look by type, programme name and even things like actor or director.

"The game changing platform features a highly intelligent recommendations engine which will learn to predict the type of shows that a particular customer loves and, just like a personal shopper, will recommend great content on offer," adds Virgin Media.

"The superior search technology will find films, music, TV shows and online content as well as providing rich programme information and details about the actors and directors, allowing viewers to discover even more content connected to the cast and production.

"The user will be able to create a WishList search based on a particular show, theme, actor or director and all future content relevant to that will be automatically recorded."

Virgin media tivo user interface - search

Virgin media tivo user interface - search

Virgin Media TiVo UI: Finding a programme

Searching by programme is the most obvious thing; with the discovery bar again prevalent. Search is done through rather clunky multi-tap entry on the remote control number keys.

Virgin media tivo user interface - discovery bar

Virgin Media TiVo UI: Discovery bar

Choosing the discovery bar gives you a drop down box of whatever is being shown – the bar is contextual, meaning that it changes depending on where you are.

So if you're looking through sci-fi then it will only have the key sci-fi shows and if you're on the Home screen you will get a mix of popular or noteworthy shows.

Virgin media tivo user interface - pick of the week

Virgin media tivo user interface - pick of the week

Virgin Media TiVo UI: Pick of the week

Of course, Virgin Media's UI will offer a pick of the highlights for the week ahead – with the graphical nature again obvious.

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