Britain to get 3D TV within two years

Sky has been trialling 3D TV for some time now
Sky has been trialling 3D TV for some time now

TV industry analysts reckon that us Brits should be able to finally get 3D TV in our living rooms within two years, according to the latest reports.

Claudio Aspesi, from industry analysts Sanford Bernstein said: "The beginnings of broad 3D TV adoption in Europe could take place as early as 2011."

3D TV tech is being steamrollered ahead by manufacturers, closely following trends in Tinseltown, with over 17 major Hollywood movies getting a 3D release this year.

James Cameron's Avatar out in 2010 is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated 3D movies in production right now.

In addition to 3D cinema coming out of Hollywood, the videogames industry is soon to jump on board the 3D bandwagon, with UK developers Blitz soon set to make the official unveiling of its first fully 3D game for Japanese publisher Namco.

HD 3D TV future

Over on What Satellite and Digital TV's blog, editor Alex Lane notes that Eutelsat boss Guiliano Berretta "sees the next wave of growth coming from 3D HD and broadband-via-satellite."

"3D is a real revolution. We are creating a specialisation in shooting and transmitting it. Normal TV has a limit," Berretta told the Financial Times.

"The rate of increase in TV revenues slowed this year. We can't have double-digit growth unless we can grow the broadband business and a new type of TV consumption."

Wotsat also notes that Eutelsat has already run test broadcasts of 3D HD and "last year they uplinked from Turin to the IBC broadcasting event in Amsterdam."

Via The Independent and What Satellite and Digital TV

Adam Hartley