85-inch glasses-free 8K television teased by Sharp

85-inch glasses-free 8K television gives Sharp a glittering crown jewel
Sharp 8K television now has a successor

Showing off an 8K TV is still considered showing off in some circles, but when you make that an 85-inch 3D-enabled and glasses-free panel then you have every right to preen a little - and that's exactly what Sharp will apparently do at CES 2014.

Although 8K televisions are a way off from appearing in our various consumer houses, the proof of the concept has been floating round shows for a long time.

That said, Sharp will garner plenty of attention for its 85-incher - developed in conjunction with Philips and Dolby - in Las Vegas as the Japanese giant attempts to prove that 3D is not all about the glasses.


The company suggests that, by displaying content at 16 times the resolution of today's perfectly lovely HD televisions the viewing experience is rendered 'truly unique'.

Given that the world is just beginning to embrace 4K and content for that format is thin on the ground we won't be expecting a massive shift into 8K just yet.

But in the meantime it's nice to take a glimpse into what's coming along after the next thing that's coming along.

Our picture is of the last Sharp 8K TV - shown off last year, but we'll update with the real deal as soon as we can, assuming we can tell the difference between the TV and the reality behind it.

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