3D TV proves a success in recent survey

3D TV proves a success in recent survey
And our survey says...

A survey conducted during last month's Disney D23 Expo has revealed that consumers are being won over by 3D TV technology.

More than 500 visitors to the House of Mouse's annual event were quizzed about 3D TV – and 71 per cent of them who have seen it reckon it is 'dramatically better' than 2D TV.

Furthermore, 27 per cent claimed the 3D experience was 'fabulous' and 50 per cent said 'I wish I had this in my home.'

There was little negativity in the results either, with a whopping 99 per cent agreeing that 3DTV was 'somewhat better' than regular old flat-o-vision.

Panasonic interest

The survey does have to be taken with a pinch of salt, however, as it was conducted by independent pollster Frank N Magid Associates on behalf of Panasonic.

Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, Chief Technology Officer at Panasonic, said the results back up his company's belief that people will always respond favourably to 3DTV once they've seen it.

"We've always said that, just as with HDTV, once consumers experience 3D TV they will want it. This survey proves it. We couldn't be happier with the results."

The surveyors themselves believe the positivity towards 3DTV is something they've seen before: "Their feelings are very reminiscent of the public's response to HDTV in its early days."

At the moment, Panasonic is solely focused on Active Shutter 3D technology. It'd be a shame for them if all the respondents were talking about cheaper Passive 3D TVs from LG and chums…

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