3D high-definition TV trials kick off

3D HD TV trials kick off in Korea, but is the future actually going to be 4D?

While we poor Brits are going to have to wait till some as-yet-unannounced time in 2010 to enjoy the full benefits of 3D TV courtesy of Sky, high def 3D TV trials are about to kick off over in Korea.

None other than major Korean TV manufacturer LG predicts that the market for 3D TVs will be in excess of 30 million units by 2012.

That's a LOT of new tellies!

3D onslaught at CES

And while we start to get ready for the 3D TV onslaught that is bound to happen at CES 2010 in Vegas in January, Korea's Communications Commission (KCC) has already announced its own high-def 3D plans.

And unlike Sky's plans over here, Korea is set to deliver high-def 3D TV content via its terrestrial TV networks, in addition to various pay-TV providers.

One of those pay-TV providers being CJ HelloVision – with the company set to trial its latest HD 3D TV service in around 300 Korean households with plans to extend this to 1,000 homes by 2012.

The catch? These lucky viewers are going to need an extra set-top box, plus, most of the content will be cartoons to start with. And pricing has not even been mentioned. Yet.

Via 3D Display Info