The Daily for iPad to cost 79p per week, is a fortnight away

The Daily - coming soon
The Daily - coming soon

The News Corp. iPad paper The Daily should launch within a fortnight according to James Murdoch, confirming the 99c weekly price that will all but certainly lead to a 79p price in the UK

Murdoch Junior – who formerly headed up Sky in the UK but is now in charge of News Corp's European and Asian operations discussed the eagerly awaited subscription paper for Apple's phenomenally popular tablet at the DLD Media conference in Munich.

Murdoch confirmed a price of 99 cents – which means that a 79p price is likely for the UK market.


"It should be launching in the next two weeks, I hope," said Murdoch.

Currently, 99 cent products on iTunes cost 79p in the UK store, a pricing system that is likely to be rolled out to The Daily.

The Daily will utilise a much-needed new subscription service being introduced into iTunes, and it is the arrival of this system that is believed to have held up the arrival of the paper.

The Daily will bring News Corp content – much of which is steadily disappearing behind a firewall online – to iPad owners in a made-to-measure edition.

With just a fortnight to wait until we see if The Daily truly is the future, we'll ease ourselves back on to the tenter hooks and put back on our intrigued faces.

Patrick Goss

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