Sony’s new PS4 controllers are a see-through 90s throwback

Remember that trend a few console generations ago where every console and controller had a translucent plastic cover to show you the all the cool circuits and innards inside?

Well, it looks like that trend is hip once again, as Sony has unveiled three new models of its DualShock 4 controller for the PS4 that calls back the colorful see-through peripherals of decades past.

The brand-new Crystal series of PS4 controllers includes a white, blue and red model, retailing for $64.99 each and available to preorder now via PlayStation's website

The controllers are planned to ship in North America by the end of the month.

One catch, however, is that any eager fan looking to snag multiple colors of the Crystal controllers may be in for a hassle, as each variant is a retailer exclusive.

That is to say, the white Crystal controller can only be preordered and purchased through GameStop, the red one through Best Buy and the blue through Wal-Mart.

Though a nice mix of stylish and nostalgic, we hope that these controllers make it out to more retailers (and regions) soon, if only because we feel the competition has a major leg up on Sony in terms of gamepad aesthetics. 

At the time of writing, Xbox's Design Lab is expanding to 20 new countries, allowing Xbox One players to customize their own colorful controller piece-by-piece. We even made an homage to the classic GameCube pad with one of ours.

Via The Verge

Parker Wilhelm
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