Sonos Playbase leaks online, will boost the audio of your cramped home cinema


Got a nice big 4K TV, but not enough room for surround sound speakers or a soundbar to accompany it? 

The Sonos Playbase may be the perfect partner for your telly, if a series of leaks revealing the product prove to be the real deal.

Backed up by three complementary sources (a yanked retail listing, an FCC filing and seemingly-legitimate press shots as seen in the below tweet), the Playbase, as it's name suggests, appears to be Sonos's first attempt at producing a soundbase audio unit.

Essentially, if your TV stand doesn't have enough room for a soundbar, you can plonk your TV on top of the Playbase instead, and still get richer audio than you're likely to get from a flatscreen TV.

Sonos meets Alexa?

So, what's likely to go into the Playbase? Looking at the leaked shots, it'll feature an optical audio port and Ethernet socket, but still no HDMI passthrough option – an existing bugbear of the Sonos Playbar option.

As with all Sonos gear, you'd expect the Playbase to work as part of the company's networked multi-room speaker setups, providing music streaming as well as home cinema audio. It seems that, like the rest of the range, the speaker would be available in black and white color options, too.

According to the B&H retail listing, a March launch at $699 can be expected. That converts to about £570, or AU$930. However, in the case of those UK prices, expect to see that retail much higher, should the leak bear fruit – Brexit is pushing UK Sonos prices up across the board this month.