Nokia is draping the Lumia 1020 in Black update for RAW shooting, other fixes

Lumia 1020
For the smartphone paparazzi

After some gallivanting about the Nokia Camera app update, Nokia has finally dropped the Lumia Black booster for the Lumia 1020.

The Black update is available for download right now directly from the Nokia Lumia 1020 support page, and it comes charging with improvements.

First and foremost Black upgrades the Nokia Camera app to shoot in RAW Digital Negative Format (DNG).

Lumia 1520 Purview shooter have already been enjoying the ability to shoot relatively compression- and processing-free photos for a few weeks now, and Lumia 1020 owners will finally be able to join in the fun now.

More recently, Nokia updated its official Camera app to work on a much larger range of other Lumia devices. The official Windows phone partner also stated DNG support is coming to more handsets as the Lumia Black update becomes available.

The small but crucial fixes

Aside from increasing the Lumia 1020's picture shooting abilities, the Black update also tweaks a few functionality quirks. These include adding screen lock rotation, the ability add custom ringtones for specific notifications, and closing running apps is easier to do in the app switcher.

Lumia 1020 users might also notice the new and improved Glance background app that adds tiny temperature check and pedometer tools to the lock screen. Along with these added features there's also Bluetooth 4.0 LE support along with better battery monitoring.

Of course, there's the standard firmware enhancements and other miscellaneous stability fixes. The downloadable update is hitting devices now, but if for those who just want to kick it to their devices manually, it's available for download here.

Kevin Lee

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