Samsung gives Tizen the cold shoulder - puts it in a fridge

Samsung gives Tizen the cold shoulder - puts it in a fridge

Not content with taking over cameras and smartphones, Samsung has revealed that its Tizen OS will be soon be coming to fridges. A smart fridge, but a fridge nonetheless.

Tizen is Samsung's bid to bring a new operating system to market that separates the tech giant from the clutches of Android. It wants the OS to be the software centre of its own hardware ecosystem, with Tizen set to stretch beyond handheld gadgets and into the white goods market.

According to Korean site DDaily, the smart fridge will come complete with its own touchscreen display, powered by either 512 or 256MB of RAM, have Wi-Fi support and also built-in flash storage and use a Nexell processor.

Tizen and the art of fridge maintenance

Samsung's has been fairly tight-lipped on its plans for Tizen but they are slowly being revealed thanks to the company showing off the operating system to developers at a conference in Asia this week.

Samsung is unsurprisingly urging app makers to embrace the OS and while it didn't actually show off any products it has been revealed that we will see a fridge at CES in January 2014.

One of the ways Samsung is luring devs to Tizen is with the promise that you can create one app for the operating system and this will be ported easily to whichever product that is using the OS.

Given that it is almost impossible for Samsung to compete with Google's OS iron grip on the smartphone market, it's a good thing it is looking to add Tizen into as many different gadgets as possible.

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