Microsoft says it's working on iBook equivalent, more on Reddit

Windows 8.1
How are you liking the update?

The Windows 8.1 update is out today and Microsoft seems pretty pleased with the results.

Windows engineers opened the floor to comments and questions submitted to a Reddit AMA earlier today to discuss 8.1's development, features, benefits and personal experiences during the revamp process, but a few answers caught our attention.

There's been speculation that another Windows update will happen again next year or that a whole new OS will be released in 2015.

A Reddit user asked about this but was simply met with: "... our goal is to continue to deliver updates on a regular basis to respond to customer feedback and improve and enrich the Windows experience."

Meaning the company's remaining mum, for now.

What's on the horizon?

Fortunately, the Windows engineers were a bit more forthcoming about other topics.

It seems like the team is trying to mesh the Storage Space function together with SkyDrive to enable an easier way to store your stuff.

Microsoft is also working on a Windows equivalent to the Newsstand and iBooks apps found on iOS systems where presumably, users can purchase and read material through their Microsoft accounts.

The software giant also confirmed previous reports that the Windows Phone team is definitely working with the Windows 8 people: "... there are a lot of great experiences across Windows and Phone - we're working together closely, more to come over time" - so, hopefully, we should see the fruits of their collaboration soon.

Lastly, Zune's death ... and Katy Perry?

It seems like a few people out there are still carrying a torch for Zune. In fact, one Redditor asked if the dead music service will make a comeback, and the reply was a resounding, "" - though the engineer referred the music lover to Xbox Music as Microsoft's new go-to tune source.

An engineer also let out the little-known fact that Katy Perry's face was plastered across the conference rooms for a year because she was chosen to be the example for the company's SmartSeach design mock ups. Go figure.