iOS 6 users reporting Wi-Fi connectivity issues

iOS 6 users reporting Wi-Fi connectivity issues
Are you struggling with Wi-Fi on your iOS 6 device?

Many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners, who've upgraded to iOS 6, have been left without basic Wi-Fi connectivity.

Users are reporting a number of different issues and have taken to Apple's official support forums to register their displeasure.

In two lengthy threads (150 pages in total, CNET has reported) dedicated to Wi-Fi issues, many users have said their iOS device will connect on some networks but not on others.

Other users have been unable to connect to a Netgear Wi-Fi router - a problem which can only be solved by downloading new firmware for the router. Another thread focuses on "persistently slow" Wi-Fi.

AirPlay also affected?

While this isn't, strictly speaking, a Wi-Fi problem, the AirPlay connectivity on our iPad 2 has stopped functioning properly since updating to iOS 6, a problem also reflected by posts on Apple's support pages.

The company, which must be feeling pretty beleaguered at the moment given the backlash to Maps and the general malaise surrounding iOS 6, has yet to make an official comment on the alleged Wi-Fi problems.

However, it's not out of the ordinary for new versions of Apple's mobile OS to experience a few teething problems.

If past form is taken into account, it's likely that the company will quickly identify the issue and roll-out a bug-fixing minor software update.

Are you one of those users experiencing issues connecting to your Wi-Fi network since updating to iOS 6? Let us know in the comments section below.

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