Overnight news roundup: 3-4 October

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 will focus on Vista's stability rather than new features

With another day down, it's time we discuss the tech stories you missed while you were dreaming.

According to a product manager at Microsoft, those waiting on the release of SP1 to purchase Vista shouldn't. The company claims that the SP1 update will only feature various software and security updates that will be aimed at making Vista more stable.

More privacy issues with AT&T?

AT&T -- the US iPhone cell phone carrier -- has come out in favor of its decision to detect customers' net privacy, claiming new tools aimed at identifying pirates on its network will not damage the average online user's Web experience. That said, some are still skeptical of the company's motives.

Microsoft to let Bungie go?

Could Microsoft actually loosen the grip on Bungie? According to numerous reports, Microsoft may be planning to set Bungie free and allow it to return as an independent video game developer. The timing comes off as interesting given the announcement comes just days after Halo's release.

The RIAA, the US' recording industry's enforcement arm, was under attack today as the organization was taken to task for the tactics it employs for finding pirates. Even worse, the defendants in the case poked holes in the piracy picture painted by the RIAA, as well.

Just as Google announced that it would be offering an award to the first team that was capable of getting a robot to the Moon, the company has now begun to ask genius children to craft a lunar rover. In order to win, students should have a fully-completed device up and running by 2012.

The game industry's chief executive, Mike Gallagher, said today that more countries need a version of the US' DMCA law, which generally limits users' ability to use copyrighted material in any way other than viewing. Gallagher claims it could reduce the cost of media and create an all-around more beneficial system all over the world for dealing with copyrights.

Shopping on HD DVDs in the works

In a move that could have a lasting impact on future HD DVD sales, Universal Studios has announced that it plans on shipping HD DVDs with shopping options that will allow users to purchase extras and other Universal products.

The new Garmin Mobile XT platform announced today will allow users to convert existing smartphones into GPS navigation systems with the help of a microSD card. Garmin explained that software will locate users and help them find their way around North America.