Overnight news roundup: 12-13 September

Logitech is to release chat peripherals for the PlayStation 3

Another day down, then. So check out everything you missed while you were sleeping Wednesday night.

Better chat on your PS3

If you like to chat over the PlayStation 3, you may be interested in knowing that Logitech has rolled out a headset and keyboard that promises better chat functionality. Look for the headset in November and the keyboard next month.

On the hardware front, Sony has unveiled a new Vaio notebook that's aimed at the business professional in all of us. Dubbed the BX51, the laptop will be available by the end of the month for approximately €1,120 (£770) or €1,350 (around £930), depending on the configuration.

The wildly popular social news site Digg.com may be facing another competitor. Only this time, the competition is the same as old, just under a new name. The new competitor is Propeller and, ironically, it's Netscape's new name for its Digg clone.

If you're sick and tired of ripping CDs onto your MP3 player with the help of a PC, you may want to check out the Micoder. In essence, you insert your CD into the Micoder and attach your MP3 player to it. Once it's ready, just copy the files over and you're good to go.

Free iPhone unlock now available

Expectation is rising for the release of the iPhone in the UK, but did you know you can now unlock an American iPhone for free? A new site called iUnlocking has all the necessary software you need to unlock your iPhone and get it running on any GSM carrier in a matter of minutes.

For those of you who do currently own an iPhone, you can now get any ringtone onto it that you want -- for free. Wired has posted a nice tutorial and news update on how to get any song you want onto your iPhone with little wear and tear.

Microsoft has outlined Vista desktop search changes You might like it. According to the story, Microsoft has agreed to change the way it searches after being pressured into it by competitors. The changes should be included in the Service Pack 1 update.

Sun to sell Windows Server boxes

And finally, in an interesting bit of news that will surely cause arguments, a joint announcement from Microsoft and Sun said that the latter will be selling Windows Server boxes. This is an especially astounding move on Sun's part, considering it had heretofore only sold Unix or Linux-based servers. Could this be a sign of things to come?