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iTunes 11.0.3 rolls out with upgraded MiniPlayer

iTunes 11.0.3 rolls out with upgraded MiniPlayer
Singing a happy iTune

Apple has released another update for iTunes, with the 11.0.3 software bringing a redesigned MiniPlayer into the mix.

Now you'll be able to see the album artwork as you listen to the pop-out player, as well as a nifty new song view that lets you browse the other tracks on the album or playlist you're listening to from the MiniPlayer.

The pop out player also has a new progress bar which you can slide through if you wish.

Pop pop

As well as the MiniPlayer improvements, Apple has sorted out how iTunes handles multi-disc albums - you can now view them as a single album. We're not sure why it's taken Apple so long to come up with that feature.

Other bits and pieces that come with iTunes 11.0.3 include "performance improvements" to searching through and organising larger music libraries and a new app update screen.

Happily, a few security issues are patched in the update too, relating to https server certificate access and memory corruption issues - not things you'll need to worry about once you have the update installed.

iTunes should prompt you to download 11.0.3 next time you open it up.