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YouTube hawks new tools for content creators, including built-in crowdfunding

LA creator space YouTube
A glimpse inside YouTube's LA creator space

YouTube is about to introduce some helpful new tools for content creators, but it wants some feedback on them first.

The video sharing site's Creator Product Management Director Matt Glotzbach introduced the new features, including an app made specifically for those who produce content, in a video posted on YouTube's creator blog.

The app will include tools that are important to video makers and aren't available in the standard YouTube app, like channel management features.

Also incoming are a feature that will allow fans to give money directly to YouTube creators, one that will let users crowdsource captions and subtitles in more than 60 languages.

What's 'meow' in Mandarin?

The blog post said YouTube will reveal more about these upcoming features "in the coming months."

The company is apparently making an effort to be more transparent about features it plans to add.

"We want to show you the features and products we're building ahead of time, so you can tell us if we're on the right track or if we need to adjust a little," Glotzbach says in the video.

And they're not kidding about the feedback - the blog post encourages users to provide some on Google+ or Twitter.