Twitter's Vine video app arrives on Amazon Kindle Fire tablets

Twitter's Vine video app arrives on Amazon Kindle Fire tablets
Vine arrived on Android earlier this month

Twitter's Vine video app has graduated to a new platform this weekend and is now available to download from the Amazon app store for Kindle Fire tablets.

The app, which allows users to create and upload short, 6-second video clips, had only been available on Apple's iPhone or Android smartphones.

Vine's arrival on Kindle Fire is the first time the app has been optimised specifically for a tablet device.

The decision to launch on the Kindle Fire is somewhat surprising considering the questionable quality of the device's front-facing camera and the lack of any rear-facing camera.

There's also no Vine app for Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 at this time.

Instagram attacks

Vine's expansion comes following new competition from Facebook-owned Instagram, which rolled out its own short video feature earlier this month.

Reports this week had suggested uploads to Vine had taken a hit as a result of Instagram's encroachment on its reason for being.

To combat the new rival, Twitter updated the Vine Android app earlier this week to include support for the front-facing camera, bringing it in line with the iOS app.

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