Microsoft's new iOS News Pro app promises news you can use

Microsoft News Pro

The problem with news is that there's a lot of it. We're surrounded by breaking news every minute of every day.

So how do we separate the useful news from the useless news? Microsoft reckons it's by using its new News Pro app, which surprised everybody by launching on iOS today, going up against iOS 9's own Apple News app.

Described by Microsoft as "hyper-relevant news for your work", News Pro uses Bing to try and create a custom news feed that caters to your individual career. Whether you're an IT manager or a plumber, News Pro promises to bring you all the best news, and none of the rubbish you don't care about.

News Unlimited

Once downloaded, you're prompted to sign in via LinkedIn or Facebook, with the app then creating a custom feed based on your profile information.

The app itself is reminiscent of every other news app in existence (how much can you really do with news feeds, anyway), but does offer a convenient "Speedy" mode to cut back on the junk in order to load stories quickly.

The free app from Microsoft Garage (the same group behind that ridiculous alarm clock app) is only available in the US at the moment, though you can play around with the browser version anywhere.

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