Intelecom links Connect to social media

Intelecom Connect screenshot
Direct from Facebook to the contact centre

The provider of hosted contact management technology said the system can link to major social media sites including Facebook, so that enquiries through those channels are routed into the contact centre. Agents can then communicate with customers by phone, email, CHAT, SMS, Facebook or others through a single application.

A spokesperson for Intelecom told TRBC that it has made the move in response to customers asking for features such as web callback, chat facilities and the capacity to receive immediate alerts from contacts on social media pages.

Other new features include Connect Control, a web based administration portal that gives supervisors information to manage customer contact operations in real time, and self-provisioning facilities that enable users to make changes without reference to Intelecom.

An updated statistics tool provides granular reporting on all areas of contact centre activity. The latest version makes it even easier to export data into multiple file-formats as well as build bespoke reports.

Christian Thorsrud, product manager at Intelecom Group AS, commented: "Over the past few years, there has been a significant shift towards cloud based contact centres and a greater emphasis placed on customer experience. Today, the focus is on bringing all customer contact together into one easy to use interface, creating a unified environment that harnesses the power of multiple consumer devices and new trends in social media interaction."

Intelecom said it now delivers contact centre services to over 2,000 businesses.