Google Play to finally add newspaper subscriptions with Newsstand feature?

Google Play to finally add newspaper subscriptions with Newsstand feature

The Google Play store offers everything from TV shows to magazines, but thus far Android tablet owners have been unable to have their favourite newspapers delivered to their digital doorstep.

That might all be about to change, according to AndroidPolice, which has spotted code for the long-rumoured Newsstand app within an upcoming revamp of the Google Play Store.

After delving inside the APK for Google Play 4.4, the site reckons Google may be close to launching the feature, which may take the place of Google Play Magazines to form one all-encompassing apps.

Like the Magazines app, it also appears from the code that free newspaper trials will be offered to users.

A 'paper and a KitKat?

"Your favourite magazines and news are right here on Google Play. Pick up the latest issues or try out a free trial subscription. Read instantly with the Play Newsstandapp, even offline," reads the introduction text.

With the Nexus 5 and Android KitKat announcements seemingly just around the corner, this is probably as good a time as any for Google to roll out the feature which has been available to iPad owners for quite some time.

The company has also scheduled a 'Play' themed event in New York on October 24. Watch this space.

Via Engadget