All we need is Rdio Shazam! Top music apps bring partnership to the UK

Shazam has updated its app for Android and iOS devices allowing users to instantly play tagged songs in full using the Rdio music streaming app.

The neat integration, which does not require the Shazam app to be manually updated, gives users the opportunity to 'Listen Free in Rdio,' providing the song falls within its 20 million-strong library.

Hitting that tab will launch the standalone Rdio application and gives users the entire song, rather than just the 30-second iTunes / Amazon previews.

However, there's a slight catch. Beyond a free 14-day trial, users will need a £9.99 a month Rdio Unlimited subscription, which is required for mobile playback, in order to make use of the new integration.

Joins Spotify partnership

The partnership has existed in the United States since last year, but is only now being rolled out to other countries, which include the UK, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

Jason Titus, CTO of Shazam said: "The combination of Rdio and Shazam gives music lovers the fastest tagging service and a groundbreaking digital music service so they can identify, save, and organise their music discoveries."

Shazam already has existing an partnership with Spotify for subscribers to that service, while there's always the option to play the track for free on YouTube too.

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