Should you buy Argos Care to protect your tech purchases?

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Argos will be offering some huge deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but when you go to the checkout you'll have a decision to make: should you hand over a little extra cash for an extra insurance policy for your Argos Black Friday deals, or take a chance and go without so you pay the lowest possible price?

Almost all new laptops, phones, white goods and other electronic products will come with a warranty from their manufacturer, but that only covers faulty products. If you have an accident or your product is stolen, you could claim on your household insurance, but you'll have to pay an excess and your premium will take a hit next year if you've made a claim. That's where Argos Care comes in...

What is Argos Care and what does it cost?

Argos Care (provided by Domestic and General) isn't just one policy - there are different options that give different levels of coverage. Here we've explained the plans most suited to home appliances, computers, phones and gadgets, but there's also a dedicated option for jewellery and watches, and one for furniture.

The cost of Argos Care will vary depending on the product type, price, and manufacturer's warranty. Domestic and General has provided a comparison tool so you can compare it with other providers.

In a hurry? You don't have to decide straight away – you have a generous allowance of 45 days to decide if you want to add Argos Care to your order. If you decide to add it later, visit a brick-and-mortar Argos store with your receipt and your products will be covered from that day.

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Argos Monthly Care

The Argos Monthly Care policy is only available in stores, but if you snagged your Black Friday bargains online you can still request it by taking your order confirmation into to the customer service desk. It's paid by monthly Direct Debit, so have your bank details to hand.

Argos Monthly Care covers accidental damage (which applies immediately, so you're even covered if you drop your laptop on the way out of the store), breakdown cover once the manufacturer's guarantee expires, and unlimited repairs. Your products are covered worldwide, so you can take them on holiday without worrying.

If your product is thoroughly broken and can't be repaired, Argos will replace it like-for-like with a new item, or give you a store voucher for the same value.

If you've bought a phone, it will be covered for theft with force (mugging) or from a break-in, but if you've snapped up a great deal on a premium laptop, it would be wise to add it to your home contents insurance, or invest in a dedicated gadget insurance policy in case of theft. If your phone cost over £150, there'll be an excess to pay if you make a claim.

Argos Breakdown Care

Argos Breakdown Care is worth considering if you've found a great deal on an appliance like a washing machine, tumble drier, fridge or dishwasher on Black Friday. It covers accidental damage, and breakdowns after the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Domestic and General will send an engineer as soon as possible, so you won't be left without an essential appliance for long. You get unlimited repairs, and cover is worldwide.

If it can't be fixed, Argos will replace it with a new appliance or hand over a bundle of vouchers to the same value.

Argos Breakdown Care doesn't cover loss, theft, cosmetic damage (so no scratches and scuffs) or deliberate damage. It also doesn't cover installation of your Black Friday bargains, or disposal of any old appliances.

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Argos Replacement Care

As the name implies, Argos Replacement Care doesn't cover repairs – only replacements if your Black Friday purchase breaks down unexpectedly. The product will be replaced like-for-like straight away, so you aren't inconvenienced.

You're covered immediately for accidental breakdowns, and for breakdowns once the manufacturer's warranty ends. You won't be covered for loss, theft, neglect, cosmetic and deliberate damage, any accessories that didn't come with the product, or any breakdowns covered by other insurance policies.

So should you get Argos Care on Black Friday?

The answer largely depends on how risk-averse you are, but there are good reasons to consider it, even though it will add a little extra to the overall cost.

For phones and computers (particularly laptops), which are especially liable to accidental damage, Argos Monthly Care could be a sound investment. Make the most of insurance comparison tools first though and check that you don't have suitable insurance already. Some current accounts include mobile phone insurance, for example.

If you're buying a large appliance, Argos Breakdown Care could be a wise decision, though again, check with other insurers before taking the plunge. You might also find that there's additional insurance available through the manufacturer, which could work out cheaper in the long run.

Remember, you have 45 days to make up your mind, so there's no need to rush to a decision in the heat of the Black Friday sales.

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