Should I buy the Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones for my Apple device?

The bottom line: Bose headphones aren’t cheap, so the price of the SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones being slashed for Black Friday is a big deal. They’re tailor-made to pair with Apple devices for on-the-fly music and calls, and users have reported a great, balanced sound and secure and comfortable earbuds, nixing the need for the constant adjustment that can be a common downside of other in-ear headphone models. The sealed acoustic design has been noted by reviewers to do a good job of eliminating outside noise, offering an immersive experience. However, the 'maximised sound' Bose promise can come at a price if you’re moving around a lot, with some finding that the headphones picked up cable noise while jogging. Android user? Bose have created a version of these headphones that works with Android’s mobile operating systems, so there’s no need to miss out.

Pros: Control music and calls from the headphones, good isolation

Cons: Some users reported noise when moving around a lot

Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones: everything you need to know

Bose have gone for a rich, clear and well-balanced sound with these headphones and, if reviewers are to be believed, they’ve achieved it. The downside? Reports say they simply aren’t as loud as some previous models, so if you really like to rock out, that might be something to bear in mind. However, it’s the deep-sitting sealed design that gives the SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear Headphones the immersive listening experience Bose devotees rave about, and while there’s no active noise cancellation as in some other Bose headphones, this does a good job of filtering out unwanted noise.


Ill-fitting in-ear headphones can be irritating or even painful, so it’s reassuring that Bose have addressed the problem with their StayHear Ultra tips, which claim to “stay soft yet provide a stable fit." Again, reviewers have given the tips the thumbs up, saying that they stay put even through rigorous exercise, and their sweat and weather-resistant design makes them robust enough to stand up to frequent outdoor jogs, too. 


These Apple-specific SoundTrue headphones, like their Android-compatible cousins, have been engineered with the mobile user in mind. The maximised sound aims to make the best of every kind of sound, including vocals, and drown out noise, which can be especially useful for commuters. The convenience of being able to make and take calls using the inline mic, as well as control your music from the headphones, is a huge bonus, too.

If you like to listen to your iPad or use Apple Music when you’re on the move, or if you just need a pair of light and comfortable headphones that let you make clear voice calls as well as listen to your tunes, these come highly recommended. So if you’ve settled on them, be sure to check out the deals above.

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