Segway's e-skates are a modern blast from the past

Segway Glide W1

Inline skates may be relics of a bygone era, but that's not stopping Segway from bringing a modern twist to the totally radical mode of transportation.

Segway, best known for its scooters, has announced the Segway Drift W1, the first in what promises to be a line of e-skates. 

The brand new category is all about easy-to-use mobile transportation. From photos and the video below, it appears as though you simply step on the skates before you're whisked away. 

The e-skates use Segway's self-balancing technology, so you *should* stay upright. Think of these as hoverboards with independent pieces for each of your feet.

Segway's latest invention is clearly aimed at younger folks, those who grew up with Heely shoes. Us 1980s' babies and older will probably pass.

There's not a ton of detail on the skate's themselves, other than they are "easy to carry, lightweight and small." The Glide W1 do have slip-resistant foot mats, so your shoes should stay gripped to the top.

We'll see if e-skates ever catch on. To us, the riders look a little wobbly, so it's probably going to take lots of practice and plenty of spills to get the hang of the Glide W1. We suggest you consider wearing elbow, wrist and knee pads, too.

Segway will reveal more on the e-skates during IFA 2018, going down in Berlin this September. More product specs and where the Glide W1 will be available – as well as how much the e-skates cost – should be revealed soon.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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