Sebo Felix Wild e Power - should I buy one?

Sebo Felix Wild e Power - should I buy one?
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The Sebo Felix Wild e Power is an upright vacuum with a bold design. It’s made in Germany and Sebo has designed it to rival some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market. 

We’ll be giving you the low down on everything you need to know about the Sebo Felix Wild e Power vacuum, what we love about it, and what we’re not so keen on - plus alternative options that might suit you better. 

You’ll be able to find a round-up of what users think of the Sebo Felix below too, along with details on what surfaces this vacuum works best on, and the accessories included. 

The bottom line: The Sebo Felix Wild e Power is a vacuum with an upright design and print around the main body. You can change the floor heads on this model or detach the vacuum’s body and handle so that you can clean stairs or upholstery.

Pros: It would be unfair not to mention the Sebo’s fun design as a major pro - it’s one of the only brands we’ve seen offer a design like this. The agile brush heads are also worth praising and the swivel steering means you’ll be able to reach into awkward areas. 

Cons: This vacuum is pretty heavy at 9kg. That means it requires effort to push it around and it’s heavy to carry when you need to clean stairs or furniture. You’ll also need to factor in costs for replacement bags on this model.

Sebo Felix Wild e Power: everything you need to know 

The Sebo Felix Wild e Power is a corded upright vacuum that first hit the market in 2019. The Wild e Power features an animal print design but the brand also offers an extensive range of designs in the Sebo Felix series. 

This model is a bagged upright and it weighs 9kg - which is pretty heavy when you compare it to another upright model, such as the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Upright NZ801UKT which weighs 6.5kg. The Sebo Felix is a corded model but you’ll be able to benefit from the 11 metre cord before you have to unplug the vacuum and plug it back in elsewhere. 

To make using this vacuum as comfortable as possible, the handle can be adjusted to suit your height and the floor head can weave around your furniture with ease thanks to an agile swivel neck. You can change the floor head with ease by just pressing a release button and taking your pick between a range of attachments.

Sebo Felix Wild e Power - should I buy one?

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Design: The exterior design on the Sebo Felix Wild e Power is what makes this vacuum stand out - and if animal print isn’t your thing, the brand has a large variety of alternative patterned designs which all offer the same specification and are compatible with the same attachments. 

The floor head that comes with the Sebo Felix is worth pointing out too. That’s because it has a 31cm width, allowing you to cover large areas at once, while it also has a guidance functionality that indicates which height setting is best for the type of floor you’re cleaning. You can switch the brush on and off with ease as you move from hard to carpeted flooring. 

When you need to clean under furniture or reach those hard-to-clean spaces, the Sebo Felix has a height of 15cm when it’s laying flat and this means you’ll be able to collect dirt and dust from areas that you wouldn’t be able to reach previously. Sebo claims that you’ll be able to clean under radiators at this height but this all depends on how low your radiators are hung on the wall. 

The 9kg weight of the Sebo Felix isn’t light and will be especially noticeable when you use this vacuum to clean your stairs of furniture as you’ll be carrying its full weight. 

Features & maintenance: You can take the main brush head off the Sebo Felix by pressing a button and you can then add an alternative attachment. There are two attachments in addition to the floor head that come with this vacuum and they are a crevice nozzle and an upholstery nozzle. If you’re using the Sebo Felix to clean stairs or your curtains, you’ll need to hold the vacuum in one hand, and to help with this, there is a large handle up along the side of the vacuum’s body. You can purchase additional attachments to work with the Sebo Felix and they include handy alternatives such as a radiator brush, delicate floor brush roller, and a dusting brush. 

The dust and dirt from around your home will be collected in the 3.5 litre dust bag and an indicator on the vacuum will tell you when this bag needs emptying. The bags will need replacing once they’re full so you’ll need to account for the cost of new bags if you decide to go with this vacuum. 

The Sebo Felix comes with a five-year parts and labour warranty from selected retailers - which is very good for a vacuum cleaner. 

Reviews: The Sebo Felix isn’t widely reviewed on Amazon however, some users have reviewed it on Feefo and one described it as a “brilliant piece of kit”. Other positive comments mention that this vacuum is “powerful” and “sturdy”. There are a few criticisms that focus on how heavy this vacuum is and how some users found the extension pipe to be “on the short side”. 

Conclusion: The Sebo Felix has a fun design and practical features that make it a good choice if you want to clean your floors fast. Its floor head is adjustable and you can use a variety of attachments to clean other areas in your home. The real downside of the Sebo Felix is how heavy it is, and this will be especially noticeable when you’re carrying this vacuum while using the attachments on stairs, for example. If you’re looking for a lighter alternative, consider a stick vacuum such as the Miele Triflex HX1.

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