Samsung's Multi-Experience store is an innovative first in experienced-based retail solutions

Gone are the days when attracting a retail customer simply meant showcasing your product. The current generation of consumers is savvy enough to read almost everything about a product online before entering a store, so they’re not necessarily looking for information about a product. 

What they are looking for is a more experiential environment where they can test the product in ways that best suits their needs. For a brand to connect with its consumers, it has to provide immersive experiences, and Samsung is doing just that with its newly revealed Multi-Experience store in Dubai Mall – an innovative first in experienced-based retail solutions for the MENA region.

Featuring a rich portfolio of its products, the Samsung store showcases how it’s connected device ecosystem works. For example, you can use your Samsung phone to seamlessly connect with your Samsung TV at the Connectivity Zone and enjoy your mobile games on a much larger screen. In fact, if gaming is your thing, a Gaming Zone features a large QLED TV connected to an XBox console with gaming chairs to get you in the action.

Another experience zone is Connected Living where Samsung SmartThings platform connects everything from your mobile phone to your television and appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators. This makes it possible to receive notifications for real life applications, such as when your laundry is done via a message on your phone or television, or by intelligently creating a list of groceries and food items from your fridge and sharing it with your phone.

If you are into televisions, Samsung has a portfolio of their QLED range on display. But the biggest attraction is the 8K QLED screen that is the first in the world at any Samsung store. This incredible display was showcased at CES a few weeks earlier and provides such a rich and immersive experience that you can’t take your eyes off it.

Also on display are the latest Samsung phones and tablets and if you chose to purchase a phone in store, you can apply a screen protector free of charge. Engraving services are also available in-store to create personalized gifts for your loved ones. 

Along with all the phone accessories is a Photo Wall that allows you to create your own AR emojis as well as capture a group selfie with fun stickers. These are features present on the new Samsung Galaxy phones and if you’re lucky enough to own a Galaxy Note, the S Pen Gallery lets you capture selfies, customize them, animate them and then have it displayed on the LED wall in the store making you an instant star.

In addition, Samsung is hosting live training sessions or workshops for its new devices to help you get you the most out of your new product. These include sessions for learning how to shoot the best videos, using the S Pen to create your next masterpiece, or tips and tricks on how to optimize your usage. A full schedule of workshops is available online and updated frequently.

Last and definitely not least, the store has a customer service area that can service Samsung products with a turn-around time of as little as an hour. This well-presented area will help you solve any software or hardware issues with your Samsung product.

All-in-all, the newly re-launched Samsung experience store at Dubai Mall is quite an experience showcasing how technology works seamlessly with your Samsung products. It’s spacious, very well lit and a fantastic place to see the latest in consumer technology.