Samsung is restricting Galaxy Note 7 batteries to 30% in Europe

Some people are still hanging onto their Galaxy Note 7 phones and Samsung wants them to stop using it so it will restrict battery levels to just 30% very soon.

Samsung has previously restricted battery to 60% across the UK, US and Australia, but this is the first time the company has said it will drop it to 30%.

At the moment the update is set for release in Europe - including the UK - on December 15.

It's almost useless

A spokesperson for Samsung told TechRadar, “The previous battery software update, which limited the maximum charging capacity to 60 per cent, has helped to drive a high rate of return, with over 90% of Galaxy Note 7 devices in Europe replaced to date.  

“This new battery software update is specifically designed to reinforce to the remaining minority of customers to immediately replace their device via their local Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Programme.”

Samsung is keeping customer safety at the heart of this update and if you’re still holding onto a Galaxy Note 7 we strongly recommending trading it in while you still can get a refund for it.

After all, a phone with only a 30% battery charge is almost useless.

Whether this update will roll out to other parts of the globe hasn’t been announced yet.

Yesterday a text message from US Cellular told a customer the carrier will stop the phone from working on December 15, so it may be Samsung will kill all active devices in the US in less than a weeks time anyway.

James Peckham

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