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Samsung is about to launch a mesh Wi-Fi system of its own

(Image credit: Samsung)

For those looking for a mini home project this summer, Samsung has announced pricing and availability details for its new smart Wi-Fi hub system.

The Samsung Connect Home goes on sale in the US on July 16, with pre-orders available exclusively from Best Buy starting June 4. You can choose to purchase the Connect Home either solo for $170 or in a three-pack for $380.

For those who want to step things up, Samsung will offer the Connect Home Pro for $250 a pop. Designed for homes or offices that stream a lot of data across multiple devices, the Connect Home Pro offers twice the speed while keeping the effective range of 1,500 sq. ft. the same.

 No place like (smart) home 

Combination router and smart home hub, up to five Connect Homes can connect together to provide both Wi-Fi coverage in a home and connectivity with Samsung's SmartThings system.

This means that not only can Samsung's internet-enabled puck get you online, but you can also monitor your network access, adjust lights and temperature, or even limit usage on certain devices right from your smartphone screen.

Smart router systems are nothing new, most notably with Google Wifi offering similar features, down to its own monitoring app. 

That said, Samsung Connect Home is the first of its kind to sync up internet coverage with the tech giant's suite of home automation services, so those willing to go all in on SmartThings may be interested in doing a little shopping next month.

Parker Wilhelm
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