Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus BTS edition means the phone comes in an exciting new color

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UPDATE: Samsung Australia has now confirmed to us that the gorgeously purple BTS edition Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G with Galaxy Buds will be arriving Down Under due to popular demand. Find out how you can score them for yourself in the updated article below.

Samsung is no stranger to partnering with major global brands and personalities for its flagship phones, and for the Galaxy S20 family it has partnered with popular K-pop band BTS.

Samsung is introducing a new Galaxy S20 Plus BTS edition that is the same device we've previously seen, but it now comes in purple with a few extras for BTS fans. 

There's a BTS logo at the bottom of the rear of the phone, plus the band's iconic heart logo is now also part of the camera array.

The collaboration also sees Samsung introduce a new pair of its Galaxy Buds Plus headphones that come in a similar color with the BTS branding adorning different elements.

The purple and black finish extends to the charging case too. As with the original Buds Plus, these buds also come with AKG audio.

What are you getting?

The Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition is available in both 5G and 4G variants. It comes pre-installed with BTS-inspired themes, and there's also a fan community platform called Weverse. 

In the box, you also get some decorative stickers to personalize your devices, and there are photo cards featuring pictures of the band members. 

Those in the US will be able to pre-order the handset and the headphones from June 19, and both products will be available to buy through Samsung's online store and Amazon on July 9. 

In Australia, it's been confirmed that the purple BTS edition Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G and Galaxy Buds Plus will be available to pre-order and purchase exclusively through Samsung's online store

The BTS edition Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G will set Aussies back AU$1,699, while the BTS-themed Galaxy Buds Plus have been priced at AU$299. As an added bonus, Aussies who pre-order the pair together will receive 50% off the price of the BTS edition Galaxy Buds Plus at checkout. 

We don't yet have any other details for other markets around the world, so we're uncertain if you'll be able to buy this in the UK.

It's also unclear how much any of these products will cost outside of Korea. For a rough estimate, we can look at the Korean pricing that has the BTS Edition Galaxy S20 Plus 5G for KRW 1,397,000 (about $1,150, £920, AU$1,700) and the Galaxy Buds Plus for KRW 220,000 (about $180, £150, AU$260).

Those prices may be vastly different when this handset comes to other markets though.

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