Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 price and specs leak out

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook
The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 1. (Image credit: Samsung)

Rumors are swirling that a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is about to appear, with a new leak giving us a better idea of the specs it's going to come boasting – and the price you might have to pay for one.

Reliable tipster WalkingCat (aka @_h0x0d_) has taken to Twitter to share what looks like a promotional slide for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2, and if you don't want any spoilers ahead of time, look away now.

It would appear that we're getting a Chromebook with a 13.3-inch screen and a 10th-gen Intel processor, with "premium sound" and battery life that Samsung is claiming can stretch to more than 12 hours between charges.

The slide states that the Chromebook will be the first on the market with a QLED display – that's the quantum dot panel technology that Samsung has already started pushing in its high-end TVs, with supposedly superior brightness and contrast.

Then there's the price: $699 (about £520 / AU$920) according to this latest leak, which is some way south of the $999 (about £745 / AU$1,315) that the original Samsung Chromebook appeared for.

Of course that could just be the starting price – as we've seen from Chromebooks such as the Google Pixelbook Go, prices can quickly start to ramp up if you want the best processors and the most memory inside your Chrome OS-powered laptop.

It makes sense for Samsung to target a lower price point, with Chromebooks appealing mainly to budget shoppers. While there might well be a market for premium Chromebooks, it's likely to be a relatively small one.

Based on leaked renders we've already seen, it looks as though little is going to change from a design perspective with the second Galaxy Chromebook. We should find out in February 2021, which is when the laptop is being tipped to appear.

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