Samsung and Hoyts team up to launch Onyx – Australia's first LED cinema screen

Samsung Onyx
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Since the introduction of cinema roughly 130 years ago, audiences have gathered in large theatres to watch moving images projected from the back of the room onto a large white (often silver-backed) screen up front. 

And while projection technology has moved from celluloid to digital in recent years, there's only so far projected light will take you in terms of colour accuracy and contrast.

Now, Samsung has partnered with Hoyts to bring Australians the next evolution in cinema technology, announcing the launch of the country's first Onyx Cinema LED screen in Sydney.

What is Onyx Cinema LED?

The Onyx screen is essentially a huge 4K LED display that's 14-metres in size. That
means it carries all of the technology's inherent benefits, such as exceptional brightness, increased colour accuracy and deep blacks.

The screen can also display true HDR images and boasts a peak brightness level of 146fL, which Samsung says is "nearly 10 times greater" than what standard projector technologies are capable of.

Samsung's put together a little video that goes into greater detail about the difference between Onyx technology and standard cinema projection, which you can view below: 

When and where?

You won't have to wait long to check the new screen tech out for yourself, either – Hoyts' Onyx Cinema LED screen is now open to the public at the theatre chain's flagship location in Moore Park's Entertainment Quarter, while a second location is set to open at Hoyts Highpoint in Melbourne next month. 

Aussies can already book tickets to Onyx sessions in Sydney today, and best of all, standard ticket prices apply – meaning you won't (yet) have to pay a premium to experience the new cinema tech. (There's no word on whether that might change in future, but given modern cinemas' penchant for charging extra for anything slightly out of the ordinary, we wouldn't be surprised.)

Samsung Onyx Cinema LED

(Image credit: Samsung)

Australia's locations join a number of other Samsung Onyx screens across the globe, including Los Angeles, Beijing and Zurich.

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