Samsung 2020 QLED TVs now have a health tracking app that can help get you in shape

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung announced that it will be flipping the switch on its health tracking app on select 2020 QLED TVs starting today. 

The new Samsung Health app on Tizen will be able to sync all your data from your phone, wearable and now your Samsung Smart TV in one unified dashboard that shows key health metrics, and gives you access to both free workout classes and mindfulness sessions.

In addition to the mindfulness and fitness classes, the Health app allows you to set a daily routine that reminds you when it’s time to switch over from whatever you're watching to your workout class, as well as set personal goals and challenges through the app. 

If you’ve ever wanted to get buff while watching your TV (and a number of included workout videos), now’s your chance.

A workout for every level of fitness 

With six content partners at launch including Calm, Echelon, Jillian Michaels, and Fitplan, the Samsung Health app is definitely attempting to include something for everyone: according to the company, the app will include classes in yoga, mindfulness, strength training, stretching, barre, pilates, dance, cardio and more, with more partners to potentially arrive later down the line.

The two big caveats are that, for now, the app will be limited to 2020 QLED TVs – which is so far a fairly limited audience considering those models just became available to purchase in April of this year – and persisting concerns about user privacy regarding data the app collects.

In a conversation with a Samsung representative at CES we were told that all the data was actually in the cloud and wouldn’t be stored locally to the TV where it could be used by advertisers or accessible through hardware exploits, but we’re more than a little cautious about the data we give to our TVs after Vizio got caught monitoring users’ viewing habits in 2017.

All that said, if you’re already linked up to Samsung Health through your Samsung Galaxy S20 or via your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, then adding a QLED TV to the list of devices tracking your health data probably isn’t that big a deal.

Nick Pino

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