Rumors that Apple is working on a foldable MacBook continue to grow

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Rumors have been surfacing recently about Apple's future MacBook, mainly that it would be one large foldable screen similar to the rumored foldable iPhone delayed until 2025. Thanks to the grapevine, we now have more details on some of the MacBook’s purported features.

Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter threw its weight behind recent rumors that Apple was exploring the possibility of a foldable MacBook with suppliers. It essentially would be a blend between a MacBook and an iPhone and boast an impressive 20-inch screen. 

When folded it would feature a touchscreen keyboard and when laid flat it would become a full screen monitor that could have an external keyboard attached to it. It’s possible that this new MacBook would sport UHD/4K resolution or even higher as well.

While both possibilities were stated, Gurman specifically states he was told Apple would have “one side of the display serving as a virtual keyboard” and that it would “trade in the physical keyboard and trackpad for a fully touch-screen base”

The release date for such a device is rather far off, with a timeframe most likely 2026 or 2027. Of course this particular rumor should be approached with care, as there’s a huge difference between exploring a possible new project and actually following through with it. Especially since foldable devices are a very recent and niche market that hasn’t fully caught on yet.

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