Red's weird-looking Hydrogen phone gets its first official photos

Looking like a regular smartphone wearing an H.R. Giger-inspired heavy-duty case, the Red Hydrogen phone is now one step closer to landing in the eager hands of its target demographic (which, we’re assuming, is ‘Hollywood cinematographers and cashed-up leather fetishists’), with the first official photos of the device having finally been revealed.

"Up to now we have mostly posted renders. Time for some actual photos of HYDROGEN," said Red founder Jim Jannard, who published the images on Red's forum overnight.

The Hydrogen is adorned with unique undulating edges and ridged finger indents along its sides, a "4V" holographic display that's said to be impossible to describe with mere words, and a next-level camera which is capable of shooting in 2D, 3D and the company's proprietary H4V (Red Hydrogen 4-View) format.

The phone's modular design and exposed pogo pin connectors will also allow users to snap on accessories, like with the Moto Z and Moto Z2 Force, including an extra large camera sensor.

The Red Hydrogen will be available to purchase from US carriers AT&T, Verizon and Telcel for $1,295 (around £1,011 / AU$1,786) from November 2, 2018 (just in time for awards season).

If you were lucky enough to nab one before pre-orders closed, you'll get the black aluminum model early on October 9, 2018, with the much more premium (read: expensive) titanium version arriving later, priced at $1,595 (around £1,245 / AU$2,198).

Pre-order customers who attend an exclusive event at Red Studios Hollywood on August 31 might also have a chance at bagging an early "Houdini Developer's Model" of the Red Hydrogen phone which is said to be a non-final version. 

At present, there's no word on whether the Red Hydrogen phone will be available outside of the United States — we'll keep you posted on any further developments regarding the handset's release. 

Stephen Lambrechts
Senior Journalist, Phones and Entertainment

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