Razer's ‘Project Sophia’ is the gaming desk we always wanted - if only they'd make it

The Razer Project Sophia gaming desk concept
(Image credit: Razer)

During CES 2022, Razer has introduced an ambitious gaming desk called ‘Project Sophia.’ In fact, Razer is claiming that this is ‘World’s First Modular Gaming Desk Concept.”

The gaming desk would be fitted with up to 13 separate modules such as THX spatial surround sound controls, system monitoring, programmable hotkeys, a 15W wireless charger, media controls, and more. The desk can be customized, whether you use it for gaming or content creation.

There’s also a built-in PC with a customized PCB that’s outfitted with an Intel processor and Nvidia GPU. Apparently, the parts are housed in a chassis under the glass tabletop and can be removed to upgrade the parts. It seems like a handy feature, though the site only mentions Intel and Nvidia. Hopefully, the gaming desk can be upgraded with an AMD GPU/CPU as well, but we’d have to wait until more information comes out – if we ever get more information. We’re still waiting for the Razer toaster, after all. 

Something else to keep in mind is that this is a “concept,” meaning it may never see the light of day. 

Analysis: What would this concept mean for gaming desks?

Having a completely customizable gaming desk would be incredible for both gamers and professionals. As earlier stated, each module can be outfitted with a task related 

For instance, an office worker doing remote work can have their desk fitted with a module for digital planning, a group chat module, privacy control, and a productivity launcher. All while the monitor displays a Zoom meeting call.

Meanwhile, a content creator can outfit modules for touchscreen controls paired with a stylus and control wheel. Media controls and custom creative input tools can be featured in the desk to aid in the editing and creation process. You can even attach an eGPU to the desk, which will boost the built-in PC’s processing power for more intense professional work.

There’s even a module shown in the concept video, which displays the current clock speed and temperature of both the CPU and GPU installed in the desk.

Though ‘Project Sophia’ is still a pipe dream, manufacturers should seriously consider looking into making this concept a reality. Though the price tag would likely be hefty, it would make for a great tool for those looking for a luxury gaming desk that would enhance a wide variety of uses.

Allisa James
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