PS4 and Xbox One could get crazy 3DRudder virtual reality foot controller

Virtual reality is all about immersion, putting you into the heart of the game. But when you're tethered to a PC or console, and really want to move those legs of yours to have your character run, that immersion can be lost.

Could a foot controller be the answer? For PS4 PSVR players and forthcoming Xbox One virtual reality titles, it could well be. The 3DRudder (which we first covered back at CES 2017) is now rumoured to be paired up with those consoles' forthcoming virtual reality titles.

A disc-shaped board that sits on the floor, you place your feet on it and rock it, with the movements translated into in-game commands. It's already being used by PC gamers with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, but the jump to consoles, which doesn't have as wide a variety of VR-related accessories, could be a major boost for the device.

Before the end of the year?

Christophe Dissaux, 3DRudder's Executive Vice President, revealed plans whilst speaking to VRFocus.

"So to date it’s compatible with all PC games, all the games on Steam, they work with a traditional VR headset like HTC or Oculus," he said.

"For the future, we are working with the console manufacturers, and we will announce later this year 3DRudder for consoles.”

When pressed on which consoles, Dissaux stated "PlayStation and Xbox. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it will hopefully be available by Q3.”

As well as an alternative control method for console VR, perhaps the most interesting tidbit of information here is related to timings around Xbox One's VR features. While previously teased, a Q3 launch for the peripheral could point to a long-awaited roll-out of virtual reality support for the Microsoft console before the end of the year.

The news follows an earlier report that Sony may be developing all new handheld controllers with PSVR in mind.

Via: VRFocus

Gerald Lynch

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