users reckon these are the best tech products of 2017

It's that time of year when the annual 'best products' lists start to pour out of the woodwork and, after rifling through over 110,000 of its users' reviews, the boffins over at have put together a crowd-sourced list of what said Aussie users rated, collectively, as the best tech of the year.

While we obviously have our own ideas when it comes to the best kit of 2017, it's undeniably interesting to hear 'what the people think' (so to speak) via lists like this one. You can find the full selection of winners here — which includes a wide range of products beyond just tech gear — but for convenience (and with ProductReview's permission) we've also included a quick sampling of the top electronics picks below:

Best 4K Ultra HD TV

LG OLED B6T Series

4K Ultra HD isn't cheap, but it can be hard to know which brand of 'not cheap' you should choose if you want to take the plunge. The B6T series (with a 55-inch and 65-inch model) offers a OLED HDR display for richer, true blacks and more vivid contrast. The unit itself is ridiculously slim as well, and thanks to a near-complete lack of bezels, you'll be truly absorbed.

Best mobile phone

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Considering that not that much has really changed from the iPhone 7 Plus to the iPhone 8 Plus, the earlier model makes for a convincing score, particularly with some enticing price reductions. Plenty of power, an excellent camera and surprisingly decent battery life make this plus-sized phone a wonder, but check out our iPhone 7 Plus review if you need further convincing.

Best tablet

Apple iPad Pro

As the iPad slowly transforms into a 2-in-1 over its developing life, it's coming closer to being able to replace your laptop while staying mega portable, although it isn't quite there. Take hold of the more powerful of Apple's tablets and see how it performs, or you can check out our full Apple iPad Pro 10.5 review for further details before taking the Pro plunge.

Best modem/router

Asus RT-AC68U Router

Despite it's high-end pricetag, the RT-AC68U more than justifies it with super fast transfers, huge range, versatility and, despite it's premium feature-set, still manages to keep the setup simple. For more on this excellent router, check out our Asus RT-AC68U review.

Best wireless headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise-cancelling Headphones

With a broad and clear soundstage, long battery life, exceptional noise-cancelling and wireless simplicity, it's no wonder that the Bose QC35 Headphones have garnered such a reputation for themselves. To find out more on what we like so much about these cans, check out our Bose QuietComfort 35 review.

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